Sunday, March 01, 2015




I like to say that rather than having 
certain formal patriotic institutions,
or inheritance of great cultural heroes,
boastful men of the kingdom,
we need roots of motherland, 
matría. planetary intestines, 
water networks for the life 
of the whole body,
compassionate mother
for nurturing or evacuate decompositions,
biological and socially appropriate 
in each process.

For love of water (in the springs of her blood),
let these flows to be 
as the distributor of contents that feeds 
all of us when her tongue was lightened 
by trails toward the goal of fulfilling 
with selective and necessary functions.

Her compassion eliminates waste,
but enriched cells.
And maybe many patriots do not yet know
the motherland is bleeding.
It is the first thing that hurts
when the country stir in childbirth.

It will be what is sensed 
during the first contemplation of a newborn 
who moans and look at before the eyes 
of those who nursed him and gave a dose 
of life from herself, to their intestines.

Institutional homeland retracts when the task 
of cooperative Matria, is missing.
(The motherland, motherland hidden bowel).

Institutional homeland conspires, hardens
to the causes of self enjoyment
and profit and yet, there
persists as the only sweetness .
Wisdom of the Spring in service
isurvives, 40 times fertile,
with every winter at his side,
with Earth as bedding.

There in the lower torso, 
under her belly, she is giving birth 
to the Messiah, spreading the love 
as water from Hod to Netzach
so David can boast.

Each meditation is in order to locate 
the homeland in the female side of her roots,
and I like that reflection on you, Mem, 
especially in your water,
and the waters also arise from Alef 
who Shin's mother, whose judgment gives 
tooth and fire of truth, and  Alef
must say to Ox: "For your Left Ear.
you hear the air of your Ancestor source. "

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