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From The book of anarchist / 4


Do you mind about protection
or freedom of others, besides yours?
Freedom as a wisdom and as a build-in-process?
Well, take it and transforms that freedom
in relief of others, assign it a space,
and turn it into geographical nation
with heart and bones and flesh.

The first mission of a custodian
will consist in seeing that freedom took flesh
and bones and that in history
freedom returned to be objectified spirit.
Oh, Freedom, we must see you
in the face of our brothers,
in the work of your neighbors,
in joys and games for your children.
Health Freedom must be
manifested as behavior of peoples.
Choose a people for your mission
because if not your discourse on liberty
is abstract, oppressors will came, attractted
to offer their potential lying leaderships.

Get up in the morning and examines
how the teacher feels about childhood
in the village, or in front of the young
from poorest neighborhoods and cities
Test if anybody in charge sensed
their minds, or if you really feel frustration
by gaps or deficiencies.

Visit hospitals, nursing homes and clinics
and ask for the health needs that freedom has
and meditate on the streets and squares,
with diligent look in your eyes and tell us
if the village survives
i such community with a smile
or if the spirit of freedom limps,
crippled and leprous from the soul.

Do you want a mission to guard freedom?
... therefore the task of studying these people,
real people, the majority.
You bring forth conclusions query.


«Nuestros enemigos organizan sus fuerzas mediante la potencia
del dinero y la autoridad del Estado. Nosotros
solamente podemos organizar las nuestras mediante la convicción,
mediante la pasión»: Mijail Bakunin / Carta a Pablo / 1872


The need to redefine the enemy
is permanent. Pressing.
Some are as structural and organic enemies
visibly approaching power and attracted
by the power of money and draconian laws.

Others are more subtle.
They are outsiders at the gates,
neighbors as deaf walls.
No such intimate skin that lines the bones.

These alternate enemies scared more
because they are not reported as such
being the most poisonous.
They damage silently and begin by removing
language. They use tricks of muteness
and to impose silence.

When they remove the language forging man
in his essence, strip them of dwelling,
the main feature reside in themselves, as free people.
The entrain to an insane space
as weak bunch of emotions.
These vampires steal essence of the soul.
They know how to make froim it moral anemia.

They are then enemies differently
that comes with the authority of the State
to say: "Be still, or I calmed";
or how is the Capital Owner
and says, "My money is stronger than your mind "...

Yes, Comrade Paul who takes away the passion,
sooner or later, wll destroy you.
Who leaves no room for your beliefs,
it's also your opponent.



«¿Qué son, en su mayor parte, nuestros bellos señores
rebosantes de ingenio y de cultura? Esclavistas burlones,
esclavos a su vez»: Max Stirner /
Los falsos principios de nuestra educación / 1842

Where I will go and embrace freedom,
and wilI be able to know how it is
in the bones of my country,
is not at the headquarters of officials
or indoctrinating staff, or ivory towers
full of intellectuals, charlatans or consecrated,
instigating celebrities
with undeserved applause and opportunism?

Too many people contriving
to justify the unjustifiable,
for passing the fumes of putrefaction
as an aroma of prestigious brand,
imported garbage.

But all essences that are
by living authentically
by the end of the primary construct of freedom,
are in the specific space
and together with the people and country
that we have tried as custodian of freedom.

Then, as you advised,
I'll go to the village where the Street wise elders
who are martyrs in life, are still searchable.
(Sometimes they wander sadly through corners
in the Plaza, no one speaks to them,
they are now lonely and forgotten)
Nevertheless, I will go to town.



La democracia debe ser entendida en el sentido
de demo-pedagogía: educación del pueblo.
P. J. Proudhon

When you go to the people, to their communities,
do not go to improvise bullshit as demagogues
or peddlers who sell ointments
to descend the Holy Spirit
or Holy Firecracker
and get the crowds come as flies,
customers who shall be consuming
for your profits.

Visit them especially with an open heart
as a book. The ideal heart is generous,
exudes true if you are informed,
if you've sipped from the Spirit of Liberty
waters of truth, refreshing springs
in its historical unfolding.

Custodian of freedom, one who educates
on it and who gives birth to possible happenings
of their potential. It is true.
There is a sickening bourgeois freedom, delegate will,
descriptive rules according to their agreement
and will be educated to be fought.

There is a representative will
and it is said thal such Will is delegated
according to its rules of convention
and its believers are educated
to combat others.

As an educator of the people,
redefine democracy so that everyone understands
that even with universal suffrage and republican system,
that democracy is a circus
and the State, elected by voters, may be
so despotic, even more,
that monarchical state.

Find out about the weight of the collective power
and majorities, and free movement and advacemente
of the unprotected before elite
of underhand tyranny against unrepresented.
Identify who opposes who, surely
is your enemy. And the enemy of the people
and true democracy.


Translated from EL LIBRO DE ANARQUISTAS [2014]

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